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“When two fans have been in this type of love suffices and intercourse has just fallen

“When two fans have been in this type of love suffices and intercourse has just fallen

– perhaps not that it was fallen, not too it’s been suppressed, no. It offers just disappeared from your own consciousness maybe perhaps not leaving a good scar behind; then two enthusiasts have been in such total unity… Because sex divides; ab muscles term intercourse arises from a root which means that unit. Adore unites, intercourse divides. Intercourse may be the real cause of unit.

“When you make intercourse to someone, girl or guy, you might think it unites you. For a minute it provides you the impression of unity after which a division that is vast will come in. That is why, after each and every intercourse work, a frustration, a despair sets in. One seems this one is indeed a long way away through the beloved. Sex divides, as soon as love goes much much deeper and much much deeper and unites increasingly more, you don’t have for intercourse. Your internal energies can satisfy without intercourse, and also you reside in this kind of unity. “

False Phenomena Over Death and Intercourse

“We have said that guy is scared of both intercourse and death. That is why they’ve been taboos.

No one covers sex with no one discusses death. We remain quiet about those a few things. We now have remained quiet for years and years and hundreds of years. They have been taboo topics, they must not even be mentioned. As soon as they truly are mentioned, one thing begins shaking within us.

“this indicates that there’s a repression that is deep. That is why we now have produced substitute terms. Into the western globe they try not to say ‘we have been sex. ‘ They do say ‘Our company is having intercourse. ‘ It is a substitute term – and false, because love is really a completely different measurement. Sex is making love, it is really not love that is making. Love can include intercourse, but love comes with a quality that is altogether different.

“We never talk directly about death. If somebody dies, we use substitute terms.