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Is ZynTravel A Scam Worth $500 per month?

zyn travel scam

but zyndio is an obvious ponzi/pyramid scheme. Food for thought, in addition to the blatant compliance issues inherent in Zyndio’s compensation plan and business model.

 Final Thoughts

That basically means that instead of investing money into advertising the company compensates it’s representatives to market the business.

Pay to play is also strongly featured in the Zyndio compensation plan, with how much an affiliate spends and how much those they recruit spend, directly affecting commission payouts. Zyndio continues this tradition, with the bulk of the Zyndio compensation plan ignoring travel altogether. The trouble with MLM opportunities is that commissions usually have little to do with travel and instead focus on affiliate recruitment.

Is Zyndio Worth It?

Thus, if your referral refers another person to ZynTravel who also pays for the Platinum membership, you’ll earn 5% of $499.99 which equals to $24.99. So basically, the product that ZynTravel offers is nothing more than travel discounts. Those discounts are supposedly up to 85% and they are not available to the general public but can only be located through ZynTravel’s private booking discounts portal (see image below). Herbalife banned this practice in 2012 and in January 2013 Anthony left Herbalife and joined another MLM company Vemma which not a lot later was shut down by the FTC due to being a pyramid scheme. Yes, you heard me right, Zyntravel makes 100% of its revenue off of memberships.

I have done review on several travel start up MLMs and they are all the same. Although I will not be going over every part of the compensation plan, I think it is really important that I show you something that ZynTravel will not.

Herbalife cracked down on this practice in 2012, which prompted Powell to leave the company and join Vemma in January 2013. It is believed Powell’s primary Herbalife income was generated through selling leads to recruited affiliates in his downline. Zyndio doesn’t offer any actual travel commodities. They just give their members access to a booking engine which is supposed to locate huge discounts for travel commodities such as hotels, car rentals, flights, etc.

ZynTravel Review

And along with its pyramid-like compensation plan, I have to conclude that ZynTravel is a pyramid scheme. I dive deeper into ZynTravel’s full compensation plan right below. Additionally, you will receive 5% of the membership fee of your referral’s referrals.


  • Anyone can be successful with network marketing, but most people aren’t.
  • I am not much sure if Zyndio still works properly,however, there’s a new program with much more bonuses than Zyndio and now it’s still in pre-launch.
  • The cycles will become more because they accumulate and they also do not flush as all the other companies.
  • This is probably because it is an affiliate booking service.
  • I use the power of the internet to make money from people that search for product reviews online.
  • Now that Anthony Powell is in Zyn Travel, lets see what happens.

Due to the lack of complete information available on Zyndio’s compensation plan, I’m unable to provide a complete list of Lifestyle Bonuses offered. The 5% bonus is generated each time a personally recruited siacoin cmc affiliate is paid through a matrix cycle (the percentage is of the actual cycle bonus paid). Affiliates can qualify for a share in the Global Bonus Pool by cycling at least fifty times themselves.

zyn travel scam

Also, consider that all those people, like Anthony Powell, who have a lot of experience in direct and network marketing know how to draw people in by making illegitimate stuff sound legit and awesome. I never realized that ZynTravel had such a bad record. Also, I appreciate the detailed stats and figures provided by FTC regarding the success rates of MLM that you highlighted. Its a revelation for anyone looking to join Zyndio or any other MLM. I have been a victim of a few MLM schemes years back and since then I have completely lost my faith in them.

National Wealth Center Business Opportunity- The FULL Story…

zyn travel scam

But sadly I keep on getting news of people falling prey to MLM businesses regularly. Your income with ZynTravel also depends on the membership you will purchase. The 3×2 Matrix is the quickest, most effective method of compensation within ZynTravel. However, the ratio was like 1 positive comment to 20 negative ones and those positive ones could as well be comments from ZynTravel’s recruiters.

zyn travel scam

The Matching Bonus pays out a percentage bonus on recruited affiliate’s matrix cycle commissions, paid out down two levels of recruitment (unilevel). Once a Zyndio affiliate cycles out of a matrix, their position is then re-entered into a new matrix at that particular level (Silver, Gold or Platinum). A Silver Zyndio affiliate has access to the Silver cycler, a Gold affiliate access to the Gold and Silver cyclers and a Platinum affiliate access to all three cycler tiers. A court-appointed Receiver has since revealed that, through his company Global Pro Systems, Powell was mentioned in 42% of complaints about Vemma filed with the FTC.

Who’s behind

ZynTravel’s cheapest membership costs $199.99 + $29.99 so if you pay for it now and tomorrow you book a vacation and get a total discount of $500, you have saved more than $250. When someone who visits that pre-made website of yours signs up to ZynTravel through it, they automatically become your recruits.

And can you idiots stop leaving comments with your Zyndio affiliate links? Stop making excuses for MLM fraud and face facts, Zyndio is a recruitment-driven pyramid scheme in which little to no retail will take place. at least vemma tried to hide behind a real product.

I will leave it up to you to read it in its entirety because it is long and if you are considering ZynTravel, you should read it. A man by the name of Anthony Powell hops from one MLM to another, making millions and then when the company is flagged as a scam, he bails. Although I will provide more proof later, ZynTravel is all about recruiting because the service they provide is actually done by a 3rd party and not ZynTravel themselves.