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(B) Any statue, figure, theatrical manufacturing or electric reproduction;

(B) Any statue, figure, theatrical manufacturing or electric reproduction;

(C) Any image saved on a pc drive that is hard a computer disk of any kind, or other medium built to keep information for later retrieval; or

(D) Any image sent to a pc or other media that are electronic movie screen, by phone line, cable, satellite transmission, or other technique this is certainly with the capacity of further transmission, manipulation, storage space or accessing, regardless of if not saved or conserved during the time of transmission;

(3) “Patently offensive” implies that which goes significantly beyond customary limitations of candor in explaining or representing matters that are such and

(4) “Sexual activity” means some of the following functions:

(A) Vaginal, anal or oral sex, whether finished with another individual or an animal;

(B) Masturbation, whether done alone or with another individual or an animal;

(C) Patently unpleasant, as decided by modern community requirements, real experience of or pressing of a person’s clothed or unclothed genitals, pubic area, buttocks or breasts within an work of obvious intimate stimulation or sexual punishment;

(D) Sadomasochistic punishment, including flagellation, torture, real discipline, domination or subordination by or upon an individual for the intended purpose of intimate satisfaction of any individual;

(E) The insertion of any section of a person’s human anatomy or of every object into another person’s anal area or vagina, except whenever done included in an accepted surgical procedure by an authorized professional;

(F) Patently offensive, as based on modern community criteria, conduct, representations, depictions or information of excretory functions; or

(G) Lascivious exhibition for the feminine breast or the genitals, buttocks, rectum or pubic or anal area of every individual.